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Clash of Clans Forecaster

This website forecasts the amounts of unharvested mines and collectors in Clash of Clans. You can coordinate your raids using these data so that you make sure you are taking advantage of the best times for raiding. You can plan when to boost your barracks to make sure you do it when the game is entering a great period for raiding.

Loot Minutes

To find how much loot is available in bases, "Loot Minutes." is used. Loot Minutes show the accumulated loot in a base over time. It is assumed that every base produces 1 “Loot Minute” every minute.

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Players from any region of the world can attack another player from any region of the world. The amount of loot available is proportional to the number of offline players. The "Region" table provides details about the current local time for each region along with the total players online and offline. This data is used to calculate The Loot Minutes balance to see how much relative loot is available.

Player Types and Simulation Accuracy

The simulation schedules used are extensive. First, the players within each region are grouped into three, which are rare, moderate and extreme players. Rare players do not play the game frequently and may only sign into their base a few times a day. Moderate players play more often than rare players do. Extreme players play very often and usually have the game open a large portion of the day. This simulation takes into account all of these schedules and takes into account if it a weekday, weekend or holiday. All of the holidays for all regions of the world are also taken into consideration because people usually play more often on holidays. This forecaster is in no way connected to or directly based on the Clash of Clans servers at Supercell. Data here is a forecast using the market share of each region. Applying all of this collected information against every region of the world in their respected times along with additional logic from references on how players attack other bases result in an overall accurate prediction of the loot available in Clash of Clans.